Guarantees and Service Level Agreement

Analytical Flavor Systems guarantees Producer Panel “up-time” of 90% during the hours of 9am – 9pm, Monday through Friday.

Analytical Flavor Systems shall provide a 5% discount per 2 hour period beyond 24 hours of “down-time” within a 4 week rolling period. Outages extending more than 72 hours in length will result in a total 25% discount during the month of occurrence.

The data generated and added to the Producer Panel for the Customer will be made available for a minimum of 2 months from the effective date of this Agreement, subject to the purchase of a standard Gastrograph Producer Panel Plan. Accounts left inactive for longer than 2 months may have their data irreversibly deleted, removed, or destroyed.

Analytical Flavor Systems reserves the right to deny or cancel services for any company, individual, or user at any time.

Trade Secret Clause

No quality control or Flavor Profiling data generated by reviewers outside the Gastrograph Tasting Team, employees of a company whose products are being reviewed, or general consumer reviews will be used for inclusion in this market analysis.

This provision protects and preserves our Trade Secret Commitments in our Agreements with our clients/producers.

Data Rights and Ownership

This Agreement is for the exclusive use and benefit of Customers, and does not constitute a transfer of ownership of Raw (unanalyzed) Data to The Customer or any 3rd party.

The Customer may not agree to, contract, or profit from the sales of this Agreement’s Market Analysis to any 3rd party.

Analytical Flavor Systems reserves all rights and ownership of the data and may update and amend its use of the data in future non-exclusive contracts, Gastrograph Features, and Products.