We're here to create a better-tasting world

Our mission

We believe extraordinary sensory experiences are essential to living a rich life

To create a better-tasting world, we created Gastrograph AI, the world-leading discovery and inquiry platform for sensory insights that model people and products to predict consumer preferences.

We specialize in helping companies create new products, optimize existing brands, and enter new markets by building better, more targeted flavor profiles for a specific target consumer demographic.

Who we are

We are a team of forward thinkers.

Gastrograph AI is made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry. We are a collection of data scientists, engineers, researchers, chemists, business strategists, and more committed to the future of innovative food and beverage product design.

We are a privately held artificial intelligence company that models human sensory perception of flavor, aroma, and texture to predict consumer preference of food and beverage products.

With AI, food and beverage companies can predict what the entire world will taste from just a few data points about a product and understand the distribution of preferences of any target consumer cohort.

Gastrograph AI: Changing the future of product development since 2013

Headquartered in New York with a widely distributed workforce, we are backed by a group of leading investors.

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Meet the Gastrograph AI team

Jason Cohen

Founder & CEO

Ryan Ahn

VP of Innovation & Application

Gabe McElwaine

VP of Sales

Jeff Price

VP of Product

David Purdy

VP of Engineering

Jeff Buzulencia

Director of Product

Sean McCaffrey

Director of Marketing Operations

Gerry Schweitzer

Brand & Marketing Advisor

Gwen Lauer

Operations Coordinator

Adrian Pearl

Data Platform Engineer

Olubunmi Odeyinka

Software Engineer

Ayushi Wadhwa

Senior Team Lead, Application Engineering

Zongjun Li

Regional Director of Application

Asia Pacific

Bénédicte Bimont

Global Innovation Manager

Tung Pham

Application Specialist

Sully Yang

Innovation Analyst

Amanda Rothbauer

Application Specialist

Eylem Ayyildiz

Application Specialist

Franck Dorcely

Lead Manager, R&D Operations

Erzen Krivca

Panel Operations

Christie Fung

Data Scientist

Jared Jay

Data Scientist

Joe Despres

Data Scientist

Mike Hay

Data Scientist

Kimberly Larkin

Sales Account Executive

Kyle Clemmer

Sales Account Executive


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