Gastrograph AI and Consumer Testing during COVID-19

Gastrograph AI and Consumer Testing during COVID-19

Gastrograph AI predictions ARE operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the end of this post for details and updates:

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting our society on pause. With 90% of Americans under stay-at-home orders, food and beverage product developers are forced to leave labs and test kitchens and work from home. Just like the local restaurant owners are relying on mobile apps to take delivery orders, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are also adapting new technologies to accommodate the changes during this unprecedented time.

Product developers spend much time in formulation labs to innovate new prototypes to meet consumer needs. An important step in product development cycles are consumer insights. Product developers can learn direct feedback from consumer tasting panels so that they can further improve the prototypes before launching them to the market. Given the current COVID-19 situation, it is very difficult to gather consumers in a common space and have them try new food and beverage products. Product development cycles have been unfortunately paused or are moving forward without the valuable information from consumers.

Gastrograph AI offers predictive consumer insights based on our existing product review database. Currently, we have a predictive coverage of consumer preference in 28 markets globally. CPG companies just need to collect 10-15 product reviews from employees using the Gastrograph Review App (App Store or Play Store). Our AI platform can then translate those and predict consumer preference distribution of any target markets.

“Once the data is collected on the Gastrograph AI platform, it’s like running 100 CLTs anywhere in the world – in near-real time.” – Jason Cohen, Founder & CEO Gastrograph AI

How much salt should you add to a chip seasoning blend targeting coastal Chinese consumers? Or how creamy will your nut butter prototype be perceived by Hispanic Americans? Will the Gen Z population prefer your prototype more than the on-market competitor? Gastrograph AI can answer all of these based on predictions made from its proprietary sensory database. Modelling existing sensory data can reduce the amount of in-person reviews required from the target population. Translating sensory perception and preferences across different demographics can centralize product development and remotely gain consumer insights.

Over the last 10 years, researchers at Gastrograph AI collected the largest and most diverse sensory dataset of on-market food and beverage products. The data collected by Gastrograph AI can be used to make different consumer preference predictions, and the growing database ensures the reliability of the predictions.


“The Gastrograph AI platform is an order of magnitude improvement to established methodologies. In-person panels provide snapshot data, the half-life of that data is short, and often is only project specific. Because CLT focus groups pre-screen for a certain type of consumer, they generate data that is only semi-predictive of other people like them, and thus end up having little future utility.” – Brita Rosenheim, Partner at Better Food Ventures

Gastrograph AI also offers CPG companies to build their exclusive database to improve the predictive capabilities over time. We work with global Fortune 500 CPG companies to regional brands from conception to consumption in the product development cycles.

This pandemic is forcing us to think “out-of-the-box” and digitalize workflows. We at Gastrograph AI are standing with the resilient innovators in the food and beverage industry and continue to innovate and nourish the world. After all, there is no industry who better knows how to turn lemons into lemonade!

We've recently received a few questions about our panel operations and if we can still make predictions / take on new projects. We've also heard growing concern from our clients over product development timelines and canceled CLTs, if your team is experiencing the same issues you're not alone!

Updates on Gastrograph Data Collection and prediction capabilities during COVID-19:

  • Our standing panel in New York has been on hold indefinitely for the time being until conditions in New York improve. We are currently investigating ways of distributing products and hosting panels remotely to our New York panel.
  • You can utilize the Gastrograph App (App Store or Play Store) to host remote panels with employees. If they have not been trained on our sensory system, we can hold remote training via Zoom
  • We have panel capabilities in Shanghai if our clients need them. Consumers in Shanghai will profile the products or prototypes and we'll translate the results to the target market of interest (we currently over 28 markets)

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