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Gastrograph AI Determines America's Favorite Fruit Flavor

Gastrograph AI determines America's favorite fruit flavor!

The USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend eating at least 5 servings of fruits per day. Texture, smell, and taste are all significant factors that determine which fruit if any, you and other consumers will choose. Whether an apple, pineapple, mango, or a mangosteen, Gastograph AI is able to analyze the preferences of each fruit, what flavors are prominent, the perceived intensity of each flavor-signature, and which fruit flavor Americans enjoy the best. Through worldwide tasting panels, we have been able to capture consumer perception and preferences in the Gastrograph Review App (App Store or Play Store).

Based on the data, America’s favorite fruit is Apples. Apples beat out other popular fruits like peach, banana, and grapefruit. The apple flavor in CPG products and the fruit itself ranked the highest in Perceived Quality (PQ). PQ is a predicted preference score approximate to a 7 point hedonic scale. Apple contains key attributes ‘fruit’ ‘sugar’ and ‘wet’ which are driving preference at their current intensity in the product. For instance, a Fiji Apple has strong ‘fruits’ and negative ‘sugar’ taste. Based on the analysis consumers would prefer less sweetness.

Flavor Profile of Apple-Fiji
Figure 1: Flavor Profile of Apple-Fiji

The Juicy Juice 100% Apple Juice ranked as the highest apple product from the list with a PQ value of 4.78 out of 7. It held pleasant ‘fruit’ and ‘wet’ flavors, but unfavorable ‘cold-finish’ and ‘sugar’ notes. Analysis shows that a sweeter addition such as honey would create a more desirable driving preference.

Flavor Profile of Juicy Juice 100% Apple Juice
Figure 2: Flavor Profile of Juicy Juice 100% Apple Juice

Gastrograph AI can identify archetypes of consumers that have similar preferences for the flavors, aromas, and textures found in different sets of fruits. Archetype 1 and 2 are users in different age ranges from 10-60s.

Preference Archetypes
Figure 3: Preference Archetypes

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