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New Product Development

Make every product the best - from conception to consumption.

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Service Overview

95% of new food & beverage products fail in the first 3 years after launch. This is because products are developed and marketed without modeling and predicting current and future consumer preference. Gastrograph AI is equipped with a suite of tools to create competitive flavor profiles aimed at a targeted market segment.

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Measure consumer preference trends to develop new products, and find where opportunities lie within your product line to update and innovate flavor profiles.

Gastrograph AI has tools for the R&D team to optimize flavor profiles during recipe iteration and testing, and prevent in-brand cannibalization. Marketing dominates initial product acceptance, but flavor is what drives repeat sales and the greater lifetime value of a new product.

Market Insights

Measure and predict what attributes consumers are most likely to enjoy in a new product, and reduce the likelihood of launch failure.

Gastrograph AI's Cognitive Marketing tools can be utilized for the success of new products by predicting the flavor characteristics that will drive or hamper sales.

Distribution Strategy

Identify regions and demographics that will have high consumer acceptance of new products.

Gastrograph can expand and extrapolate small datasets of sensory reviews onto the general tasting population. Better understand the market of your new product, and make actionable consumer preference-based decisions to ensure the success of a new product.

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