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It's hard to create a truly successful product. In fact, most new products don't live up to company expectations. Remove the guesswork from new product development - use Gastrograph AI to predict what consumers want

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Great tasting food and beverage products start with intelligent sensory design

We specialize in helping companies create new products, optimize existing brands, and enter new markets by building better, more targeted flavor profiles for a specific target consumer demographic.

Where does the data come from?

Standing Panel

Gastrograph AI must always be up-to-date on the latest products in each market – as consumer preference is always changing. To keep our models on the cutting edge of new preference acquisition, Gastrograph AI maintains standing panels in New York City and Shanghai, with more operations opening in the future.

Global Panel

Our Forward-Deployed Tactical Global Panel Team has developed a rapid grab-and-go methodology allowing us to bring new demographics online in 5 days per sub-market. Our team can be (almost) anywhere in the world with only 2 weeks advance notice on average.

Market Survey

Consumer perception of flavor, aroma, and texture vary across demographics and cohorts - and consumer preferences vary in response to these differences in perception. Thus, it is necessary to model what a consumer perceives before you can model their preferences. Gastrograph AI undertakes Market Surveys in general (all-market) and focused (specific category) forms to reverse engineer the preferences driving the market in aggregate and in specific categories.

Remove the guesswork from new product development with Gastrograph AI

  Profile Products

Consumer sensory “reviews” are collected on Gastrograph Review, a sensory system for collecting high resolution data across any food and beverage product. The AI is trained on data collected through large-scale R&D undertaken by Gastrograph AI and proprietary data from each client on the platform to build targeted models for new product development and existing product optimization. 

Target Your Consumer Group

We have the world’s largest sensory perception database and use our AI algorithms to make predictions for over 1 billion consumers worldwide. Currently we cover over 20 countries and 40 unique regions across 6 continents (sorry Antarctica, we haven’t visited you yet!). 

Rank Products by Preference

We use our Gastrograph AI algorithms to make predictions on a product’s likability and then rank it against a set of other competitive products. 

  Predict Flavor and Attribute Composition and Likability

We predict how your target consumers would perceive flavors and other attributes in any given product. We then give a breakdown of detailed view for each product we are analyzing. 

Analyze What Drives Likability

We assess what flavors and attributes drive preference and predict the impacts to likability of either increasing or decreasing each. 

Identify Optimization Opportunities

We let our AI go a little crazy (or more tame if you prefer) and predict new flavors profiles (adding new flavors, changing the intensity of existing flavors) that would be even more liked by your target consumers. 

What does Gastrograph AI do?

We help you innovate and predict the future of flavor from concept through consumption.

What to make

  • Concept Design
  • New Flavor Utilization
  • Portfolio Coverage



Who to make it for 

  • Profile optimization
  • Preference segmentation
  • Demographic and cohort targeting



How to make it

  • Optimal Formulations
  • New Product Development
  • Portfolio management 




The benefits of a predictive framework


Predictive Power

Once a product is profiled in Gastrograph, perception and preference predictions are automatically generated with minimal time and cost


Compound Learning

Gastrograph AI is trained on all of your data, all of the time, and is constantly learning. Models are continuously updated and made more accurate


Question Agnostic

Gastrograph AI can be continuously queried to answer new questions and “mined” for new insights


Actionable Formulation Insights

Gastrograph’s expert formulation tools help you translate consumer sensory descriptors into clear and actionable product enhancement insights


Need clarification?

How does Gastrograph work?

Gastrograph AI models people, products, and preferences. It learns how different cohorts of consumers around the world perceive flavor. It learns the flavors of individual products on the market in various countries, and it learns how to map those perceptions to those preferences. So the AI can predict for perception for different demographics, for other products anywhere in the world. 

What does predictive mean?

To have a predictive framework means you can take all the past data and make predictions without running a new experiment. The insights from a predictive framework are statistical in nature. They can have predictive layers, meaning we can predict unidentified flavors preferences and run hundreds of scenarios of predictions on simulated products. 

What problems does Gastrograph seek to solve for CPG companies?

Right now, all sensory and consumer insights are a cost center. To understand anything you're doing, you need to run more and more and more tests, and none of that has a compound ROI. You're not building value.

You're not making an asset. Using our technology and building up your branch, you're building a data asset that can be mined for future insights and reduces the amount of work you need to do in the future. So not only is it faster and more accurate, but you're able to do that at a reducing cost basis to get a positive ROI out of all the consumer, product, and market research you're doing.

How is using Gastrograph different from traditional methods?

Sensory data is slow to collect and is very expensive. When using the traditional method, the study intends to answer specific questions about a particular product, so the data collected is only used once and becomes useless. With Gastrograph, the data collected gets used for various projects and demographics; this allows you to reduce, reuse, and recycle data collection.

Where does the data come from?

We have two standing panels: one panel in New York, where people come daily to taste various products available on the market, with a child panel running once a week. The second standing panel we have is in Shanghai. 

We also have a team that travels worldwide to collect data on the markets. So far, we can model sensory perception and preference in over 30 countries, and we are continuously expanding.

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