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Helping producers make and sell great products from conception to consumption.

Innovation Management

Innovation is paramount for success in the food and beverage industry. Gastrograph AI empowers producers for better innovation management by bring a specialized artificial intelligence that understands human perception of flavor and preferences.
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  • New Product Development
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Adaptation

Predictive Manufacturing

Gastrograph AI learns to manage inconsistencies in raw materials and any production process effects on the flavor profile at every step in it's manufacturing. Just as an expert human operator learns from experience – Gastrograph AI learns how to predict an unwanted outcome from sensory, process, and lab data.
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  • Batch to Batch Deviations
  • Flaw Identification
  • Degradation Modeling
  • Production Process Optimization
  • Site-to-Site Consistency
  • Scaling

Deep Market Insights

Gastrograph AI understands what consumers prefer by segmenting the population into different demographic groups and modeling their preference archetypes. Deep Market Insights helps producers understand a consumer's taste in products to deliver repeat purchases - driving the success or failure of a brand.
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  • Emergent Preferences
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Cognitive Marketing

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