Flavor Profiling & Quality Control Made Easy


Use the Gastrograph mobile app to track, record, and visualize the flavor profile of your products. Gastrograph makes it easy and effective for your production team and consumers to submit flavor profiles and quality assessments of your beer, coffee, or spirits.


The Gastrograph Producer Panel provides more than the power of an in-house Quality Control Team without the equipment, maintenance, and employee costs – using the data from the Gastrograph review app, our Quality Control and Preference Analysis can help you ship the best batch every time.


You’re known locally, you’re known nationally; consumers love you, critics praise your flavor-making skills, and you just want to sit back with a glass of whatever you made. Cheers!


The Gastrograph is the best system of flavor analysis for unique artisan products.

The Review App

Download the Gastrograph app

It takes us 15 reviews to create a robust Objective Flavor Profile of your product.
Every review after that makes the system, and the analysis, more accurate at the product and reviewer level.

We know that every individual has their own tastes – the Gastrograph system controls for individual sensitivity, experience, and preference by building a probabilistic model for every reviewer on your team. We use our own data-mining models to build you the most accurate flavor profiles from the lowest amount of data possible; giving you accurate and real-time quality control results.

The Gastrograph mobile app puts flavor analysis in the hands, and pockets, of your team; for the morning cupping, or an after-work drink at the bar – Gastrograph makes flavor analysis fast, easy, and accurate so you and your team never miss a chance to review.

The Gastrograph works by encompassing all of gustatory flavor space – that means anything you can taste, you can graph. There are no flavors that fall outside the scope of the Gastrograph system. This complete view of every product, paired with our proprietary data models, gives you a level of detail and analysis not available with standard cuppings, cuttings, or any other sensory system. The Gastrograph is a more thorough and complete flavor profile analysis while requiring less data, less time, and less work for you as the producer.

Visualize the flavor profile of your product on the Gastrograph system -
use the Gastrograh to see what your production team and consumers taste.


24/7 monitoring of your products - protecting your brand.

The Producer Panel

The Gastrograph Producer Panel is a set of tools for Statistical Quality Control and Flavor Analysis.
We’ve designed and built the Gastrograph System for artisan producers making unique, high-value, products in small to medium sized batches.

Gastrograph is the system, data, and analysis you need to make the best product, every time, with every batch. Use the Gastrograph system to visualize the flavor profile of your products. With Gastrograph you can see what your production team and consumers taste. Our real time monitoring of your quality qontrol and consumer reviews alerts you to problems such as batch variation, contamination, skunking, ageing, or other avoidable problems that can hurt your brand.

You can use Gastrograph to make quality control decisions during batch production and quality control testing. We can pinpoint the source of batch variation in your product from a machine-learning analysis of your unique production process – including the ingredients, equipment, and water in your area.

The Producer Panel automates your record keeping – allowing you to compare your current batch to last month’s batch, or last year’s batch. Having pervasive records of all your products allows you to understand what works well, and what works great.

The Science

Broad Spectrum Flavor Categories

The Gastrograph system uses 18 Broad Spectrum Flavor Categories, and 6 sensations (trigeminal & somatosensory), which together fully encompass gustatory flavor space; such that anything you can taste, you can graph.
The GG System allows you to compare amalgamated flavor profiles of consumer and Quality Control based reviews on all of your products, in order to determine Correlates of Quality, consumer preference, and analyze changes in products over time (ageing), all independent of reviewer variables such as socio-economic background, ethnic background, age, sex, and flavor sensitivity.


The Gastrograph is organized into 8 sections based on the 4 basic flavors – salt, sweet, bitter, and umami. Each of the basic flavors are divided into high notes, mid notes, low notes, and base notes depending on the average size and molecular weight of the flavor compounds in the category. The categories of notes are then divided into the Broad Spectrum Flavor Categories and arranged into the visually meaningful Gastrograph.


The Somatosensory and Trigeminal sensations make up 6 of the dividing lines in bold. These 6 categories measure the non-flavor aspects of your product. Finally, the Gastrograph has 2 scaling variables used to detect individual sensitivity and overall pallet fatigue. Though these variables overlap with the rest of the Gastrograph System, they yield important information about your product and the consumers reviewing your product.


Show consumers what a product tastes like before they buy it.

Use the Gastrograph label to direct consumers to purchase, taste, and review your product - giving you the information and feedback you need to build your brand, monitor changes in quality, and to find your high-value demographics.

The QR code makes it easy, fast, and simple for your consumers and reviewers to fill in the meta-data about your product, and can include extra information such as batch-tracking, date of production, distributor, and special releases or editions.

The Gastrograph label is included with all plans. The label can be used on product labels and anywhere you advertise your products. Producers can label any products with a Perceived Quality score of at least 4 - so that consumers will trust labeled products as quality products.

Six Ways Gastrograph Helps You

All the abilities and information of a chemistry lab and sensory panel without the equipment, maintenance, and employee costs.

Email warnings when your Quality Control team or a group of consumers detects a variation in your product.

Early prediction of latent flaws and contamination – protecting your brand by catching the problems before they ship.
Comparisons to understand where your product fits into the larger competitive market.

Manage batches, samples, and tests to see how differences in recipe and production techniques effects your product's flavor profile and perceived quality.

Review products right from your Android phone or tablet. No paper, computers, or test setup needed.

Record Keeping

Amass an archive of all your products' flavor profiles - compare batches between days, months, and even years. Keep a record of every product you make and track changes in your brewing skill and growth today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Plans and Pricing

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• Multiple Brand & Trade Names

• Patterns of Consumption

• Custom Metrics

• Direct Phone Support with our Sensory, Data-Science, and Chem Teams

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• Consumer Demographics

• Product Ageing and Shelf-Life Analysis

• SLA and Vendor Contract





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• Batch and Sample Management

• Product Formulation Panel (coming soon)

• Production Method Analysis

• Batch Tracking





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• Flavor Profile Analysis

• Quality Control

• Product Comparison

• Labeling



Our Promise to You...

At Analytical Flavor Systems, we take the safety of your flavor profiles, recipes, and test runs seriously. That's why we use HTTPS and bank-grade encryption on any data we touch. We promise never to share your data with any competitor, distributor, government, the NSA, or any other company - your data, production process, and recipes are protected under our trade secret clause in the EULA.

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