Take Control of Quality Control

Use data and flavor analysis to define your brand before a bad batch does

Gastrograph introduces simplicity and reliability to quality control

Revolutionalize your production team with the Gastrograph review app

Gastrograph provides an easy way for producers to avoid inconsistency in their brand. All the power of a high-tech quality control lab lies in the untapped potential of your current team. Through the Gastrograph Review app, your team will create robust flavor profiles so you can start generating your own, unique data.

Use the Gastrograph to analyze any products' flavor

Receive real-time feedback with each review

Gain insight for effectively improving your product

24/7 monitoring of your products - protecting your brand

The Producer Panel has the tools you need to bring out the best in your brand

Contamination, skunking, aging, and general batch variation all work to deter the growth of your brand. Enter the Producer Panel: a dashboard where you perform side-by-side comparisons of each product and tackle flaws before they jeopardize your brand.

With the producer panel, you have countless opportunities to retain the upper hand among a booming market. Use features such as product comparison and batch variation detection to gain insight into what your consumers prefer in your product.

Flag unwanted contaminations

Get instantaneous feedback and results from our team

Enhance your brand with data-science

Once You Start Your Free Trial:

Simplify quality control. Save time and money.

Use email warnings to tackle flaws before they threaten your product.

Eliminate flaws before they grow and never ship a bad batch.
Seize the upper hand: stay ahead of the competitive market.

Understand each batch to create products that your customers love.

Review products directly from your Android device. No setup necessary. iOS coming by the end of August.