Gastrograph brings sensory and production analysis into the 21st century with artificial intelligence for predictive manufacturing. The best products are made with the best tools - use Gastrograph to track flavor profiles, predict & prevent flaws and deviations using sensory testing, and production data to improve Quality Control, Production Process, and Market Fit.

The Challenges of Quality

Producing a consistently high quality product is hard.
Between deviations in the flavors of raw ingredients, production flaws, and batch‐to‐batch deviations - every batch has limitless combinations of problems that could hurt your brand and lose your customers' loyalty.
The demand for new and innovative food and beverage products has never been higher and the need for consistent quality has never been more important.

Loyal Customers Build Brands

Every batch you produce is a chance to turn someone into a brand loyalist, grow your market share, and build your company for the future. Producers must ensure consistency and quality from one batch to the next, year after year. A few notes on a spreadsheet and an uncertain memory from some time last year simply won’t cut it. Gastrograph is here to help.

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