Quality Control for Beverage Producers
Making a consistently high quality product is hard – Gastrograph makes it easy and affordable

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Gastrograph Review gives your team the power to review products and assess changes in quality and flavor profile anywhere and anytime.

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It's a battle of love for the market share of your target customers, where Gastrograph is the army of expertise and you're the general. #Winning

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From pre-distribution to global domination, we build and customize the tools you need: quality control, flavor profiling, consumer demographic targeting, and product optimization.

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Free updates keep you equipped with the latest and greatest quality control and flavor profiling features.

Gastrograph supports all artisan beverages - beer, coffee, wine and spirits!

The Need for Quality

Maintaining the quality of your product is hard work. Between flaws, contaminations, and batch variations, there are limitless combinations of things that could ruin your brand in one, single bad batch. Luckily for you, the craft and artisan beverage industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world- demand has never been higher and the need for consistent quality has never been more important. Every batch you produce is a chance to turn someone into a brand loyalist, grow your market share, and build your company for the future.
But don't worry, no pressure.

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The Gastrograph Solution

Gastrograph is a set of tools that makes quality control easy and painless for producers of artisan beverages. Your team reviews your products while Gastrograph provides real-time analytics and information on the flavor profile of every batch. You'll be able to not only make better decisions on how to ship, store, and optimize the flavor profile of every product you produce, but also compare profiles between batches and individual products, analyze your consumers' preferences, and most importantly, ensure the long-term quality of your product.

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The Gastrograph system is based on sensory science, data mining, and analytical chemistry. The review app for iOS and Android sends over 600 variables to our servers, where we run proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence models in the cloud 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you real-time, constant vigilance over changes in your products flavor profile and alerting you to quality control risks.

How It Works

The Gastrograph App for Android and iOS collects a wealth of information including demographic, situational, environmental, and reviewer data. It then sends this information to our secure, cloud-based Producer Panel after every review. You will be notified of variations between batches, possible contaminations, and/or flaws that our state-of-the-art data algorithms detect.


Quality Control

Real-time alerts for flaws, taints, contaminations, and batch variations

Choose the individuals on your production and quality control team to recieve a phone call, text message, or email with quality control updates when a problem is detected or predicted. We send you only the info you need to make immediate decisions when it matters. The entire analysis is always available on your Producer Panel!

Flavor Profiling

Understand how your consumers perceive your product

Optimize your products flavor profile and target the highest-value demographics by tasting population, preference archetype, and tasting experience.

Product Comparison

Stay ahead of your market by knowing your competition

Compare your products against past batches, your competitor's products, and stylistic or regional averages! Our database holds over 10,000 product reviews to give you Objective Flavor Profiles of any one you choose.

Employee Panel

Train, manage, and monitor your Sensory Team

The Gastrograph system can turn your entire staff into your quality control team though integrated training and review quotas. Keep track of how your employees are tasting by assigning experience goals and blind panels. Watch your Producer Panel get more accurate as your team grows in skill and experience!

Gastrograph is a strong competitive advantage in a growing industry— we include a blanket trade-secret clause in all of our contracts. We promise to never share or use your data with any competitor, distributor, government, the NSA, or any other company.


Mid-Sized Beer Brewer

Based in Central Pennsylvania

We have a competitive advantage in the market and my team loves it. We've been able to build and grow our brand by shipping consistantly higher quality products than our regional and national competitors - as a small company!

Small Coffee Roaster

Based in Manhattan, NYC

Gastrograph proved better than both the SCAA and our in-house cupping sheet - once we learned the system, we were hooked. What originally drew us to Gastrograph wasn't just the technology, but the team – they love this space and their passion shows when we need their support.

Mid-Sized Distillery

Based in New York State

The ability to design and target products to specific consumer demographics is invaluable - we've seen a huge increase in recommendations and sales, just from understanding who our consumers are and what they want to drink!