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Product Development

Translating Flavor Across the World

Historically, to get an idea of consumer preference, you’d have to conduct tests in all the different locations and sub-locations you wanted to...

It’s Time to Move On From Liking Scores

Liking scores and the way they’re generated in traditional sensory testing are an inaccurate way of understanding consumer preference. In the...

Product Development

The Golden Days of Central Location Tests Are Over

Poor product testing results in failed product launches. If you want to launch successful products, it’s risky to base your product decisions on...

Product Development

The Past, Present, and Future of Product Development

The nature of CPG has fundamentally changed. Many new product development processes are flawed. To be competitive, CPG companies need to adopt new...

Truth in Tasting

Just as other technologies can ID faces, ours can ID flavors so that we can predict the presence of poorly or un-identified tastes.

Best of Series

The Top Non-Diary Milks: Udder Absence

Find out what the most preferred non-dairy milk is as determined by Gastrograph AI. Gastrograph uses Artificial Intelligence to predict food and...

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